Custom + Testimonials

Thirty dinosaurs with shades? Julia gave these favors to her friends at her birthday party!

For his first birthday, Joanna wanted to surprise her son with puppets from his favorite storybook, The Tiger Who Came to Tea. FizzlePop brought these characters to life!

Andy was all, "I'd like a special gift for my gf. What can you do with this picture?" And FizzlePop was all, "How about a felt portrait?"

"OMG!!!!! I love it. She will love it. You are amazing. So talented and you clearly craft your work with diligence and care! Thank you. I am beyond appreciative of you.


                    -Andy, Boulder, CO

Jane loves Simon the French bunny and his cantankerous brother, Gaspard, so for her third birthday party, they made a celebrity appearance via goody bags.  

"Chris and I are going crazy over here. They're INCREDIBLE. GASPARD EVEN HAS A BLANKET. You have a serious gift. #Blessed"


               -Meghan, Westchester, NY

Xander made a personal request for 50 perfect (mostly) purple party favors. We were happy to oblige.

"Thank you for all the fabulous puppets! They were a big hit with all the kids and grownups. X and E are currently fighting over his and hers (so much for both of them having their own?!). Thanks for making my vision a reality! You are so very talented."


      -Abbie, Mama of 2, Westchester, NY

Mark and Heather ordered two custom ornaments for their nephews and a little somethin' for themselves, too: Christmas Gizmo! 

Easter egg candy holders that you can use again and again and won't sit in a landfill forever? Yes, please.

Make your next dinner party even fancier than usual with custom napkin rings. 

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