Puppet Info!

I'm a baby. This is what I do.

Disclaimer for Kiddos Under 3 Years

My toddlers put just about everything in their mouths, which is why these puppets are created with felt and thread only- no toxic glue, buttons,  or googly eyes that will fall off into tiny baby mouths. But, obviously, supervise children under 3, mmmk? You never know what those little munchkins are capable of! See image to left for adorable exhibit A. 


Puppets range from roughly 2-5 inches long and 2-4 inches wide. See below for examples. Please note that each one is unique, and no two are identical because they are sewn by hand with love, Even faces are hand stitched. Like, WOAH.

Imaginative Play 

  • Studies support that children learn best when they manipulate objects and the world around them. Put away that screen for a while!

  • Great for role play and/or resolution to create stories and puppet shows with imagined or familiar characters

  • Ideal for airplane rides, road trips, gifts, goody bags, or stocking stuffers, classrooms or nursery schools

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